GUERRERO (for 21 saxophones)

The following inscription is found at the head of the score:
GUERRERO is a Spanish word that means “Warrior.” This piece is intended, in part, to be an homage to the surname of composer Francisco Guerrero Marín and to his work Rhea for twelve saxophones, but the piece is primarily inspired by the figurative notions of reflection, refraction, and illumination. GUERRERO begins with an Invocation to its musical forerunner and to the muses of the epic mythology that led to the names of many stars, planets, and moons, before setting off on a journey of electric metamorphosis.

Sailing on an ocean of time and memory, the Warrior matches measured combinations with breath and aether, neither hot nor cold, neither wet nor dry. Where once there was nothing is now the electromagnetic scintillation of particulate light, pulsing through the circulation where sight is now known. Whirlpools of stellar, parallactic aberration help mark the distance as the Warrior drifts away. The iron sea is a preface to a violent birth.


Sopranino Saxophone
3 Soprano Saxophones
6 Alto Saxophones
5 Tenor Saxophones
3 Baritone Saxophones
2 Bass Saxophones
Contrabass Saxophone