Title Instrumentation Year Genre
Torlannol Violoncello 2023 Solo
Nyctivoe Mixed Quintet 2023 Chamber
Aspledon Undae String Quartet 2022 Chamber
dhwtj: part 2 Soprano 2022 Solo
dhwtj: part 3 Percussion Quartet 2022 Chamber
tenebroso, lontano: teneramente Mixed String Sextet 2022 Chamber
Polillas String Quartet 2021 Chamber
Nagual Mixed Quartet 2021 Chamber
Birdless, Cloudless, Colourless Alto Saxophone 2021 Solo
Zahrat Alearear Bass Flute & Guitar 2021 Chamber
Squonk Prepared Violin 2020 Solo
Adumbration String Quartet 2020 Chamber
redbud blossom, blueberry bee Violoncello 2020 Solo
Simbelmynë Piano 2019-20 Solo
Tourbillon String Orchestra 2019-20 Large Ensemble
Chalk Line Flute 2020 Solo
波紋集 / Hamon shū; or the many ways of drawing water String Quartet 2018-20 Chamber
ὄγκος / onkos (for contrabass alone) Contrabass 2019 Solo
GUERRERO Saxophone Ensemble (21 saxophones) 2018 Large Ensemble
Metamorphoses (after Illouz) Orchestra and (optional) Live Electronics 2018 Large Ensemble
Arborealkartographie Violoncello and Live Electronics 2018 Solo